Services, features & benefits

Phakama is an administrator who offers a managed service and administration system. Phakama attends to your everyday administration needs allowing you to focus on your core business.
Phakama specialises in, but is not limited to, the administration of long-term and short-term insurance policies. Phakama has the ability to administer any member based type business.
Below are some of the standard services that Phakama offers to its clients:

Managed Services:

  • Member inception which includes the capturing of applications and the scanning and linking of applications to the system.
  • Distribution of fulfilment documents to members via email, sms (with a url link containing member documentation) and via the postal services.
  • Maintenance for the life of the membership which includes amendments and updates to policies and communication with members regarding changes, missing information, unpaid premiums etc.
  • Collection of member premiums using various collection methods. A full list of these methods is available under “Collection Management”.
  • Financial month ends which include the reconciliation and allocation of premiums.
  • Standard and custom reporting to clients on member base.
  • Statutory reporting and management information.
  • Multi-level disbursement of premiums to relevant parties i.e. Underwriters, Clients, Representatives, third parties. ** Note - we are only permitted to make payment to registered entities in the case of financial products.
  • Collation of claims documentation and the processing and payment of claims.

Phakama Systems:

  • AdminSolutions is the system developed by Reaction Information Technology (Pty) Ltd.
  • AdminSolutions for the Internet is the web based platform which is made available to clients so that they may have access to their member base and manage their business accordingly.

The AdminSolutions Website is accessible anywhere in the world, if you have an internet connection, you can connect. It can be accessed using the following technology:

  • Desktop Computer
  • Laptop Computer
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Devices

The following services are offered to clients using the AdminSolutions Website:

  • Systems are setup according the clients specifications.
  • Training is provided once implementation is complete and the system is ready for use.
  • The system offers data collection and data file import capabilities
  • FTP Site’s can be made available for large data file transfers.
  • Online application forms can be developed for use on a website for accessibility to the broader consumer.
  • The downloads functionality allows for easy access to the most recent documentation, for example, application forms, terms and conditions, claims forms etc.
  • The system is highly access driven and only approved access is given.
  • Fraud controls are in place to ensure that fraudulent applications, payments and claims are not processed. An audit trail at membership level exists for the life of the membership.

Collection Management
The following methods are available for the collection of membership premiums:

  • Debit Order
  • Naedo
  • Cash
  • Persal
  • Persol
  • Salary Deductions
  • Payment Schedules
  • Internet payments / receipting for cash payments
  • EasyPay
  • Pay@
  • Net1 (CPS)

Claims Management
The policyholder may submit his/her claim documentation directly to Phakama, or alternatively via the client, to begin the claims process. Phakama then either processes and pays the claim or processes the claim and submits it to the Underwriter for payment (dependant on the rules of the Underwriter).

Underwriter Management
Payment of risk premiums are made directly to the Underwriter. Statutory reporting and management information is provided to the Underwriters on a monthly / quarterly basis as required.

Member Correspondence

  • Email
  • Sms (which can include url links containing member documentation)
  • Post


Admin Solutions

AdminSolutions (ADSOL) is the core administrative tool managing the complexities of long-term insurance policies. It is designed to handle all necessary aspects or “paperwork” in the clients and Underwriters business including member details, opening and updating of members records, premium collection and distribution and month-end reporting, as well as claims administration.

ADSOL offers the following core features:

  • Member details including premiums, benefits, relations and waiting periods.
  • Data capturing ability in respect of member details.
  • In-house debtor’s management system including collection of premiums via various collection methods, which include but are not limited to: Debit order, “Cash’, Persal, Payroll and many more (A full list of these methods can be found under “Collection Management”) Premium distribution between Underwriter, client, Administrator and other third parties.
  • Month end reporting which includes reporting at all distribution levels e.g. Underwriter (risk), client (commission), Administrator (admin fee) and the relevant third parties.
  • Claim submission via third parties, supporting documentation approval by the Underwriter or Phakama.

Admin Solutions for the Internet

ADSOL Web is the Internet solution for AdminSolutions, creating a dynamic web portal that facilitates communication between Administrators, Underwriters, Clients and Members.

View scheme (product) setup information, member details and claim listings. Scheme information on every available group is also displayed – not only listing the different schemes, but also the premiums setup for every relation available on a scheme.

Members can be located by using their policy number, ID number, name, or one of the relations’ ID numbers. From the summary list of members that match the search criteria, more detailed information on any member can be accessed. Apart from information relating to the main member and relations, a full payment history, list of schemes the members are linked to and claims history are displayed.

Payments from members can be processed, as well as receipts printed from a standard or specialised receipt-printer. Claims can be launched, viewed and processed. Documents, including all Member and Claim documents can be viewed online.